Courage – Blue Program

Students in the Courage - Blue program will focus primarily on water familiarisation, confidence and safety. These students will take part in many fun and safe activities focused on developing initial breathing, floating, basic movement skills and learning to the enjoy the water! Students will progress from receiving instructor assistance to gradually having more independence in the water.

在勇气 -蓝色级别的游泳课程中,孩子们会开始熟悉水中的环境,慢慢建立对于水中活动的自我信心,并学习水中安全的相关技能。在课程中,我们为孩子们设计了很多安全而且充满乐趣的练习,让孩子们在游戏过程中,学习初级的呼吸,漂浮和体验身体在水中的感受,并学习如何在水中控制自己的身体和活动。教练会指导和帮助孩子进行课程中的练习,并鼓励他们逐渐学会独立完成。整个课程将会让孩子们了解水,喜欢水,享受在水中的特别的乐趣。

Grow - Yellow Program

Students in the Grow - Yellow program are now taking the first steps to mastering the swimming strokes. Students are now more confident in the water and have demonstrated some level of independent movement. Here they will further develop the floatation, breathing and movement skills developed in the Courage – Blue program. Students will gradually progress from swimming independently over short distances, through to a full 25 meters.


Active - Green Program

Active – Green is final challenge in the program and is for students who have already achieved a competent level of swimming ability. They can already demonstrate correct freestyle and backstroke technique over 25 meters. Basic breaststroke and introductory butterfly have also been introduced. Students in this level will further develop these techniques as well as their endurance. At the same time developing the ability to perform extended survival sequences and survival strokes.


If you want to know more details about the swimming level and locations schedule, please contact our Advisor Team.


Our Austswim inspired program is spilt according to the students ability, there are 3 different programs and a total of 10 different levels.

Want to know what level your child is in? Which program fits the best for your child?


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