Staff Exchange Proposal

Are you looking to expand your horizons? Are you looking for an international experience that gives you the unique opportunity to travel and work in a fast-paced exciting country with a unique culture? Lover Sports? SPORTSWORLD童励 was founded in 2008. We are an international sports and activities club for children aged between 3-12. We provide structured, international programs for students in a variety of sports including swimming, tennis, karate, basketball and more. We also organize holiday camps for kids where they are able to participate in all the sports above as well as many more fun activities. We deliver these programs across Shanghai in both Pudong and Puxi with facilities including international schools, residential compounds and hotels.

Introduction of Holiday Camp:

SPORTSWORLD童励 camp program offers a wide variety of summer camp locations and sport activities for kids of ages 4-12. Our camp is designed to introduce and bring together kids from different nationalities with different sports. We combine 4-5 sports in one week with other fun classroom activities. Kids will learn the basics of each sport through skill-based games along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork, and self- discipline.

Thank you for your interest in Sportworld Camp. We have a variety of staffing needs heading into 2019! For more detailed job description, please expand the headings below. To apply to work for Sportsworld Camp, please send a copy of your CV to with the subject ’ATTN: Position Name’.

Answer the following questions when you send your CV to us:

* Describe a positive situation where you have worked or spent time with children;

* What type of coaching methods do you use;

* How would you deal with teaching kids with a language barrier;

* How do you make your activities enjoyable for kids;

After you submit, we will contact you about setting up a potential job interview.

We hope you find job opportunites that suits your needs and abilities.

Position Available:

Sports Coach (Full-Time)

Camp Sports Coach (Part-Time)

Camp Teacher (Part-Time)

Sports Coach (Full-Time)

Job Description

* Participate in daily work training and meetings organized by company, understand the company’s curriculum concepts and curriculum system, be able to carry out the sports course teaching;

* According to the company’s time and place do the teaching courses;

* Finish the administrative work related to coaching work on time, including curriculum plan, student attendance, etc.

* Communicate with students and parents on the curriculum. Participate in curriculum related promotion and group activities.

Job Requirements

* Love sports activities and have basic professional skills;

* Sports training base for swimming, ball games and other sports activities;

* Be patient, responsible and have career planning for Children’s education;

* Willing to accept and learn new objects, like challenges, and be motivated by a positive team spirit.

* Good communication and presentation skills;

* Having children’s curriculum or activity experience is preferred.


* Have experience working in or with international teams and companies.

* Have experience in sports, kids or family programs.

Camp Sports Coach (Part-Time)

The Coach is responsible for the preparation and delivery of a range of sports and activities to a group of age specific children (between 4 and 10 years) attending camp. Activities can include anything from coaching football, tennis and basketball to leading team building games. You will be delivering a high energy, fun and inclusive program that engages all children.

Job Description

* Teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques;

* Identifying strengths and weaknesses ;

* Undertaking administrative tasks;

* Monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and constructive feedback;

Camp Teacher (Part-Time)

As a Camp Assistant Teacher, you will be responsible for the supervision of the campers during the camp hours.

* Greets and welcomes parents and children in a warm and friendly manner;

* Engages children in fun and challenging activities, including organized arts & crafts, singing, sports activities, games and field trips;

* Resolves child conflicts in a swift and professional manner;

* Provides a safe, clean and organized camp area;


* Complies with all company safety rules;

* Uses all required safety devices and personal protection equipment;

* Reports accidents and injuries to supervisor as soon as possible;

* Participates in safety training and safety inspections;

* Suggests methods of preventing hazards to safety committee;

* Immediately report suspicious or inappropriate behaviour or abuse relating to youth;